SADB, S/\DB, `---'. Celtic: Irish.
Goddess of the wild.
TWS: deer.
Son: Oisin. WG.RG/216.

SAMIDEVI, S/\MEDAVE, `Fire-potential'. (Sep 30/84, Oct 04/83). Hindustani.
Goddess of fire and energy in the form of woodr; Definer of boundaries; She who brings peace to the dead.
TWS: a suma, or perhaps b spicigera, (a hard-wood - the upper piece used in fire drills to kindle altar fires), planted near the dead, used to define boundaries; [sulphur; matches].
Associated with Agni. He hid in Her tree after being cursed by Bhrgu.
Source: HDH/263.

SAMOTHEA, S/\MO3E/\, `White-Goddess'. British Celtic.
Goddess of the moon, barley, inspiration and death; Inventress of letters, astronomy and other sciences.
Eponym of the earliest name for Britain Samothea.
To whom are sacred: pearl barley; sow.
Son (?): Samothes. Ref: WG.RG/240.

SAMOVILA, S@MOVYL/\, [`White-Goddess'].
Alt. mean: `Death-Goddess'.
Eastern European.
Ety: [I construct the meaning `White-Goddess' after R.G.'s samo, white and thea, Goddess, believing vila to mean Goddess on the basis of the lang. var. SAMODIVA, where diva appears to be cognate with Hindustani Devi, Goddess.]
SARDULI, S*RDWLE `---'. Hindustani.
Mother Goddess of tigers and other beasts of prey.
SARMATIA, S*M*TY/\, `---'.
Geographical personification. GRARE/9.
translit. var. of SATABHIS(H)AJ/x. SATABHIS(H)AJ, S/\T/\BHY$/\J, `---'.
One of the NAKS(H)ATRAS/x `---'.
SATYABHAMA, S/\TY/\BH*M*, `Having-true-lustre'.
She who induced Krsna to steal the divine a belonging to SAC(H)I `Source-of-divine-power.
One of eight principle SAKTI's of Consort: Krsna. HDH/274.
SATYAVATI, S/\TY/\V/\TE, `---'.
Beautiful river Goddess; [Matroness of fisherfolk and ferry pliers].
Son: Krsna-Dvaipayana by Lover: parasara. Consort: Hing Santanu.
TWS: a fishy smell.
HDH/3, 145, 219, 274.

SCHOENIS, translit. var. of SKOENIS/x.
SCHOLASTICA, SK0L@STYK/\, [`She-who-studies'].

SCYLLA, translit. var. of SKULLA/x.
SCYTHIA, SKY3Y/\, `---'.
Geographical personification. GRARE/9.
SECURITAS, S]KYQRYT/\S, `---'. Roman. Abstract idea. Personification of allegaory. GRARE/9.
SEISPITEI, (lang. ?) var. of SOSPITA/x.
SELENE, S]L]NA, `Moon'. Var. Selena/x. Greek.
Winged Goddess of the lunar cycle (especially the full moon), waxing and waning, increase and decline, blessing and cursing.
TWS: lion; white horse; white oxen (two, either horse or oxen, draw Her chariot); animals with cleft hoofs; the mark C(and its mirror image opposite), symbol of the full moon as opposed to O for the sun; the number 9; gold diadem; crescent; the new and the full moon.
Icon: winged and crowned with the crescent moon She drives the lunar chariot accross the night sky.
Lovers: Endymion, Zeus.
SEMELE, SAM]LA, `Subterranean'. From Asia Minor to Greece, especially Thebes.
Virgin Goddess of the moon (perhaps the dark moon), earth [and the germination of seed.]
In most myths represented as a mortal killed by Zeus (a thunderbolt) occasioning Her descent to the Underworld. Her sta tue and grave were to be seen at Thebes.
TWS: ivy. Worhsppied at the Lenaea, Festival of the Wild Women (at which a bull was sacrificed to Her, cut in nine pieces, one burnt, the rest eaten raw by Her celebrants - nine being the traditional number of orgiastic moon-priestesses who took part in such feasts, nine such are shown dancing around the sacred king in a cave painting at Cogul)
Son: Dionysus by lover (some say) Zeus, (some say) Actaeon.
EBv8/287c, v24/616a; GG.CK/256-9; GMv1/58, 107; MA.PF/21, 153.
SEMLA, S]ML/\, `---'. Etruscan lang. var. of Greek SEMELE/x. ETAL.
SEMNAE, S]MNI, `Holy-ones'.
Sacred kerm-oak grove at Colonus).
Title of the EUMENIDES/x `Kindly-ones'.
SEMNE, S]MNA, `Holy'.
Goddess of the political community.
SENA, lang. var. of Polynesian HINA/x.
SENTU, S]NTW, `---'.
Sumerian, Babylonian.

SHALA, $/\L/\, `---'.
Central seat unknown.
Consort: Ramman (or Adad).
SHARRAT-SHAME, $/\R/\T-$/\MA, `Queen-of-heaven'.
Prob. Sumerian.
Title of ISHTAR/x `Light-giving'.

S(H)RI, $RE, local lang. var. of SRI/x
SHUI-MU-NIANG-NIANG `The-old-mother-of-the-waters'.
She who annually inundated the city of Ssu Chou; She who submerged the city of Ssu Chou beneath the lake of Hung-tse; Astute and tricky Goddess of the Waters; Spirit of the City Ssu Chou; She who easily evades capture; She who is forever slipping through the fingers.
Towhomaresacred: two buckets of water (which She was once seen carrying near the city gate, they contained the sources of the five great lakes, by over-turning the remains of one which had been drunken from by a donkey She submerged Ssu Chou); vermi celli (which changed in Her stomach into iron chains which coiled round Her intestines and protruded from Her mouth, inabling Her capture); a deep-well at the foot of a mountain in Hsu-I Hsien (at the bottom of which She was securly fastened after submerging Ssu Chou)
Brother: the White Spiritual Elephant, a gaurdian of the door of Buddha, the subtile principle of the metamorphosed water.
Ref: WETC.DCM/444-5, 550.
SICILIA, SYSYKY/\, `---'. Roman. Geographical personification. Icon: shown in candelabrum ensemble with ROMA and ANNONA. GRARE/107.
SIF SIF, SYF, `---'. Norse. Goddess of earth's fertility (and perhaps prophesy); She of the golden-hair; Embodiment of the ripe corn-field. Son: Ullr, archer god (Thor's stepson). Consort: Thor. To whom are sacred: gold (sometimes called Sif's hair). There is a suggestion that corn-seed (probably wheat) is the "gold" that will grow like hair when it reaches Sif's head (ie: the soil). * one of the ASYNJUR `Goddesses'. * equated with the SIBYL `Cavern-dweller'. * THORGERD Consort and worshipper: Jarl Hakon of Halogaland. Ref: B,B.GN/88, 121-2, 265, 295.
SIMHAVAHINI, SYMH/\V*HYNE, [`Lion-steeded']. Alt. mean: [`She-whose-vehicle-is-the-lion']. Hindustani. *** Third of the 10 warrior forms of DURGA/x [`The-inaccessible'].
SINA, SEN/\, lang. var. of Polynesian HINA/x `Fertile-womb'.
SIRDU, SYRYDW, `---'. Chaldean. Title, or alt. name for Chaldean AA/x `---'. Perhaps origin of Galish Celtic SIRONA/x `Star-queen'. Lang. or translit. var. SIRRIDA/x `---'.
SIRENS, S5RUNS, Anglecised lang. var. of Greek SEIRENES/x.
SIRONA, SYRON/\, `Star-queen'. (Aug 10/84, Aug 15/83). Gaulish Celtic. Goddess of the moon and the night sky. Consort: Grannus. *** Lang. or translit. var. SIRRIDA `---'. Perhaps originally, or ety., connected with chaldean SIRDU/x `---'. Perhaps ety. connected with Norse SIGYN/x `---'. CM.PM/32.
SKANDAMATA, SK/\ND/\M*T*, `Mother-attacker'. Hindustani. Alt. name for S(H)AS(H)THI/x `---'. HDH/271.
SkhOENIS, SXO]NYS, `Of-the-rush-basket'. Greek. *** Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replication']. Translit. var. SCHOENIS/x. GMv1/268.
Skotia see Califia -->Scotia Skuld see Nornir
SMURNA, SM8RN/\, `Myrrh'. Greek. Ety: smu(psilon)rna (of non-Greek origin), the resinous gum of an Arabian tree used for perfume, incense and embalming the dead. Poss. Eponym of Smyrna. TWS: [trees and shrubs of the genus commiphora]. Son: Adonis (born from Her in the form of the myrrh tree) by lover: Theias (Her father). *** Lang. var. or alt. name: MURRA/x [`Bitter']. Translit. var. SMYRNA/x.
SMYRNA, translit. var. of SMURNA/x.
SNOTRA, SNOTR/\, `Wisdom'. Norse. Literary creation as Goddess of wisdom. *** One of the ASYNUJUR/x `Goddesses'. GN.BB/152.
SOCHIT, S0CYT, `Cornfield'. Egyptian. *** Alt. name for ISIS/x `Exceeding-queen'.
SOFN, S0FN, `---'. Norse. *** One of the ASYNJUR/x `Goddesses'. GN.BB.
SOJENICE, SOJ]NYKA, `---'. Slovenian lang. var. of Croatian ROJENICE/x `---'.
SOTEIRA, SOTAR/\, `She-who-saves-from-all-evils'. Greek. Ety: spelt So(mega)te(psilong)ira. Goddess of healing. *** Title of ARTEMIS/x `High-source-of-water'. EB/Artemis.
SOSANDRA, S0S/\NDR*, `Man-preserver'. Greek. Saviour Goddess of humanity and Deities. *** Title of AFRODITE/x [`Froth-of-replication']. Contrasted with ANDROFONOS/x `Man-slayer'. EB/Aphrodite.
SPERMO, SP2MO, `Of-the-seed'. Greek, perhaps Cretan. [Goddess of intoxication.] TWS: fermented grain. *** Aspect of Triple Goddess HROEO/x `Pomegranate'.
SRAVANA, SV/\V/\N*, `---'. Hindustani. The 19th. NAKS(H)ATRA/x `---'. HDH/200-1.
SRAVIS(H)THA, SR/\VY$TH* `---'. Hindustani. DHANIS(H)THA `---', sometimes replaces Her as the 20th. Naks(h)atra. The 20th. NAKS(H)ATRA/x `---'. Translit. var. SRAVISTHA/x.
SRAVISTHA, translit. var. of SRAVISTHA/x.
SRECA, SR]K/\, `---'. Serbian. Lovely maiden Goddess of fate and good fortune; She who spins a golden thread. ** Dual with Her opposite NESRECA/x `---'. BGH/276.
STEROPE, ST]ROPA, `Stubborn-face'. Alt. mean: `Lightning'. Aeolian Greek. *** Aspect of the Seven-fold Goddess PLEIADES/x `Sailing-ones'. Said by some to be Mother of the SEIRENES/x `Entanglers'.
STHENEBOEA, S3]N]BOE/\, `Strength-of-cattle'. Greek. *** Alt. name for Ionian IO/x `Exalted-moon'. Mother of LUSIPPE/x `She-who-lets-loose-the-horses'.
STOICHEIA, translit. var. of STOIkhEIA/x.
STOIkhEIA, ST0YXA/\, `---'. Greek. Ety: sto(mikron)ikho(mikron)n, 1. in the sundial, the shadow of the gnomon. 2. one of a series, an elementary sound of the voice, a letter. 3. in pl. the elements. 4. the elements of knowledge, rudiments. sto(mikron)ikhe(psilon)o(mega), to go in a line or row: to go in battle-order. Related Eng. word: stoichiometry. Goddess of war; She who draws up the ranks for battle. *** Translit. var. STOICHEIA/x. Title of ATHENE/x [`Immortal-oen']. EB/Athena.
STRENUA, STR]NW/\, [`Strength']. Roman. Goddess of strength. TWS: vervain; groves; winter solstice; strenna (name for new year gifts exchanged in Her honour). EBv19/594b.
SUD, SUD `---'. Babylonian? Tutelary Goddess of Shuruppak. *** Identified by Babylonian theologians with NIN-LIL/x `Lady-of-power'. ANEv1/29.
SUDICE, `---'. Polish lang. var. of Croatian ROJENICE `---'. SUDICKY, SWDYKE, `---'. Bohemian lang. var. of Croatian ROJENICE `---'.
SUDZENICIC, SWDZ]NYKYK, `---'. Bulgarian Lang. var. of Croatian ROJENICE `---'.
SURADEVI, translit. var. of S(H)URADEVI.
SURYA, SWrY*, [`Stimulator']. Alt. mean: [`Shining-one']. Hindustani. Daughter of the sun. *** Alt. name for ROHINI/x `Red-one'. Some identify US(H)AS/x `Shining-one' with Her. HDH/251.
SVAHA, SV*H*, `---'. Hindustani. Goddess of conception; She to whom women pray when desirous of offspring; She who is the magic power of the cry that evokes the Deities. TWS: ritual exclamation or call (when making oblations to the Deities). HDH/293.
SVATI, SV*TE, `---'. Hindustani. HDH/200-1.
SYAMA, SY*M*, `Black'. Alt. mean: `Dark-coloured'. Hindustani. Tantric. HDH/296.
SYN, SYN, `Justice'.
Literary personification as Goddess of justice.
SYRIA, SYRY/\, `---'.
Geographical personification.
translit. var. of SURINX/x.
worked on: August, May 1995