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Meng-P'o, Lady-Meng.
Alternate meaning: Grandmother-Meng.
[to Whom the sixteenth day of September, day 259, is dedicated]

Geography/Culture: Chinese.
Description: Eternally youthful octogenarian Spinster Goddess of re-incarnation and merciful forgetfulness; She Who presides over the Hall of Oblivion where She brews the wine of forgetfulness from many substances collected in the world, a decoction that is both sweet and bitter; She Who is assisted by two ferocious demons.
All souls returning from judgement, but before re-incarnation, are compelled to enter Her Hall and drink the broth of forgetfulness which obliterates memory of all previous existences. The ability to feel pain remains even if they are reincarnated into insects, birds or animals.
To Whom Sacred: Mi-Hung-T'ang, the broth of forgetfulness; solitary life in mountains.

Source: CR.GG/85; WETC.DCM/312-3.
worked on: September, August 1995; August 1991.
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