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Habondia, She-of-Abundance.

[to Whom the twenty-fourth day of May, day 144, is dedicated]
Alternate meanings: Abundant-One, Queen-of-Abundance.

Geography/Culture: Celtic: Europe, Roman times.
Linguistic Note: from Latin abundare. -L. ab, plus undare `to flow in waves', spelt with an initial h through association with Latin habere, `to have'. Related English words: abundance; abundant, abundantly; abound, abounding; undulate.
Description: Goddess of earth's fertility and fruitfulness; She Whose overflowing plenitude here is sustenance there; She Who has much to spare; She Who has more than enough; Queen of generosity, plenty, prosperity and good fortune; Bringer of pecuniary wealth; She Who personified the liberality of Roman Empresses and Emperors; She Who, in the Middle Ages, was reconceived as a beneficent Fairy Who brought riches to those She visited; Matron of witches.
To Whom Sacred: seeds, fruits {as emblematic of bountifulness, perhaps especially fig and pomegranate, because of their large number of seeds}; seedlings, eggs, baby things of all sorts; hamster, or squirrel {for their storage of riches}; cornucopia (from which She shakes Her gifts). Source: Encyc Brit v1 80b; Monaghan BGH 126; Vermeule GRARE 8; Walker WEMS 246.
Abundantia, [She-of-Abundance]

Geography/Culture: Roman. Source:

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