To the Goddess named --- Alphito
Alphito (Ailm) Baitule (Beth) Lusia (Luis) Nonacris (Nion)
White Barley Goddess, Deliveress from guilt, Lady of the Nine Heights,
Anna (Onn) Fearina (Fearn) Salmaona (Saille)
Queen of Spring, Mother of the Willow,
Strabloe (Straif) [H]athaneatidas (Huath) Ura (Ura) Druei (Duir)
Ura, reeve the Immortal ones to your oak tree
Tanaous (Tinn) Kolabreusomena (Coll)
Stretched out, ready to taunt them in your wild dance,
Kirkotokous (Quert) Athroize (Eadha) te Mani (Muin)
And gather the Children of Circe together to the Moon;
Grogopa (Gort) GNathoi (Ngetal) Ruseis (Ruis) Iota (Idho)
As the fearful-faced Goddess of Destiny you will make a snarling noise with your chops.

the Irish Beth-luis-nion writing system which forms an archaic Greek charm in honour of The White Goddess (Alphito).
Source: Graves wg 366-76.

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